Jacqueline ONOMO

Jacqueline M. ONOMO


Network administration and telecommunications services engineer | Cybersecurity trainer

Bio: Network administration and telecommunication services engineer |  Networking trainer | Cybersecurity trainer | IT solutions deployment and digitalisation |  Chess game evangelist

Professionally, i am  CompTIA Security+ certified, equipped with the knowledge and expertise in identifying, addressing and mitigating security incidents and events. As an ISO 27001 certified, I have expertise in managing and maintaining an organization’s information security management system to keep it secure and aligned with standards. I am also delivering cybersecurity training and coaching at my own .
As a 3rd place of 2022 national cup, I like playing chess games, showing a strategic-mindset, and an aptitude for critical and logical thinking. I also enjoy pursuing OSINT investigation and working with the Linux Operating System.
In few years, I would like to inspire young girls in the field of cybersecurity and  chess game.

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  • Douala