Afin de proposer des programmes et activités qui cadrent avec les besoins des adhérentes du Tech Hub AfricanWITS, nous vous invitons à remplir ce formulaire d’évaluation des besoins d’accompagnement sur les deux (02) années à venir.

In order to offer programs and activities that meet the needs of AfricanWITS Tech Hub members, we invite you to complete this support needs assessment form over the next two years.

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Do you have a start-up / project / company? If yes, tell us about it, and explain to us what stage you are in it?
Would you like to showcase your expertise / skills for AfricanWITS programs? If yes which ones?
Would you like to establish synergies with the other members? If so, tell us about the areas of collaboration that interest you.
Besides the above mentioned, do you have more expectations?


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